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Tate Multimedia S.A. is a Poland-based international independent developer (INDIE AA) and game publisher. Studio maintain close partnerships with major players in sector: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Company is publishing games on all major platforms, and developing an exclusive titles. In the past Tate Multimedia developed license-based games for major publishers in Europe (Koch Media, Atari), but now team is focusing on developing their own brands. Studio operates according to the “house of ideas” model on an everyday basis, which means no idea is off the table allowing developers to have the creative freedom to continually seek new, daring, and even risky projects.


Company was established in 2000. Name of the company changed over years, but since 2015 after fusion between Tate Interactive and Tate Multimedia, company received one identity: Tate Multimedia S.A. and works under this brand ever since. Tate Multimedia team is fairly small, but formed by experts of different specialties, group characterized by creativity and great creative freedom. Tate Multimedia’s team includes includes people driven to gamedevelopment by passion for the industry; experienced programmers, outstanding designers, talented artists, and all of them are gamers at heart. Since its establishment, company has closely cooperated with Atari and Koch Media. Together they launched titles such as “My Horse and Me 2,” “Asterix and Obelix,” “Lucky Luke,” “Titeuf” or “The Saddle Club.”. They build portfolio of games made on a license, or for an external publisher. Overall studio created over 35 different titles. Company’s own brands are: - 3 installments of “KAO the Kangaroo”, published on GameCube, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, XBOX, PSP and PC. - “Urban Trial” series: “Urban Trial Freestyle” published on PlayStation 3, PSVita, PC, and iOS, “Urban Trial Freestyle 2”, which was Nintendo 3DS exclusive, and this year premiere “Urban Trial Playground” – Nintendo Switch exclusive - “Steel Rats” – an upcoming 2,5D vehicular combat platform game developed for PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE and PC. “Urban Trial Freestyle,” had been sold in more than one million copies in over 150 countries. Game topped the PlayStation Vita sales list in online shops of Sony Europe and Sony America, was ranked third among games sold for PlayStation 3. Urban Trial Freestyle 2 – came third on the list of best-selling games in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. It’s the only one known case where European publisher managed to achieve that kind of recognition in Japanese market.

Their other IP „KAO the Kangaroo” was also a great success . Tate sold more than 700 thousand copies of KAO. Tate’s also one of the few polish publishers, that published boxed version for Nintendo Switch game. “Urban Trial Playground” – Nintendo Switch exclusive, stunt bike game, was available in retail in Europe, Japan and Australia. Their newest project – Vehicular combat platform game “Steel Rats” won “Best Gameplay” award at the Game Connection America, as well at the Pixel Heaven in the same category.



Dev Diary - Steel Rats YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Forbes Diamonds" - Cracow, 2010

Steel Rats
Check out our upcoming game - Steel Rats! steelratsgame.com.

Urban Trial Playground
Do you own Nintendo Switch? Check out Urban Trial Playground! urbantrialplayground.com.

Urban Trial Freestyle
Wanna do some bike stunts? Do your best in Urban Trial Freestyle! urbantrialfreestyle.com.

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